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Short Term Finance

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H&Y has a new funder for short term finance. We are now able to arrange loans to settle fast... including same day.

Broker support describes it well:

Every day in business, we all do Cost/Benefit Analysis. It maybe a case of "do I really need that great new 3 in 1 copier". You ask yourself - will it increase productivity, and therefore make me more money? If the answer is YES, then you spend the money and buy it. If the answer is NO, then you don't buy it and make do with what you have.

Short term loans are exactly the same. Will your client make money or save themselves from a worse position if I take this loan? If the answer is YES, then they take the loan and get on with the job. If the answer is NO, then do not take the loan and work on finding another solution.

Contact us for more information.


0 #1 steve 2012-08-01 10:16
it is new information for me and helpful for get loans thanks for sharing wonderful information

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