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Business Licensing & Permits

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Hudson & Young has a new consultant on board who specialises in business licences and permits. The number of regulations involving permits and licences can be very surprising across all tiers of government – local, state and federal.

Does your business have all licences and permits required? Our new consultant comments:

"Failure to have required permits/licences can incur substantial fines and/or mandatory suspension of trade and in some cases, criminal conviction. Also, teams of licencing inspectors ie: liquor licence inspectors, health and safety inspectors, building inspectors etc etc are constantly maintaining surveillance for persons or businesses that fail to have the required permit/licence and to enforce compliance with that permit/licence."

As a special introduction, Hudson & Young can provide any business – new or existing, a Licence and Permit Report. The report details all licences and permits required for your business in your area at all levels of government. The Business License and Permit Report is a very comprehensive and for you… free.

To order one for your business – even just for peace of mind, contact us.


Gina Rhinhart has said that red tape is burying her business. For one single project in the Pilbara, the Company has had to satisfy 3,100 permit applications to date - "but it could be more", she says. 

We all need to look into this and ensure our business is secure.

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